Rib boats 


RIB boats are the best way to discover the beauty of Mallorca from the sea-side.

Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) have the followings advantages:


RIBs have great stability and seaworthiness, even at high speeds and with big waves! They weigh approximately 25% less than conventional boats of a similar size. Because a RIB weighs less with its Hypalon tube, it takes less HP to operate at the same speeds as a conventional boat.


A RIB is a better riding boat than a conventional boat. The combination of a deep-V fiberglass hull to cut through the wave, along with a large Hypalon inflatable collar to absorb the wave impact and block the spray makes a RIB a much smoother and drier ride.


A RIB is safer than a conventional non-sinkable boat. Why, you ask? The reason is as follows: A conventional flotation hull has all of its flotation built into the bottom of the hull.


Should an unfortunate circumstance such as a swamping occur, a flotation hull will roll over and throw the occupants into the water. If the same thing should happen to a RIB, the flotation of the RIB surrounds the boat and it will stay afloat upright. Neither situation is good but at least the occupants of the RIB will only be wet.
And no, they won’t sink if you puncture a tube! All of RIB-boats tubes are made with the heaviest Hypalon materials available.  They also have multiple air chambers, so that in the event of a puncture the whole boat will not go flat. Most will have at least 3 or as many as 5-12 independent air chambers, depending on the size of the boat.


Everybody knows that the Navy, Coast Guard, municipalities etc. use a RIB because it is stronger, safer and built for the professional.



Rent one of our boats in Mallorca – with Skipper

The skipper service of KIWI Mallorca offers you the possibility to rent one of our boats even without boat license. 


Food and drinks on board!

Of course you are allowed to bring your own food and beverages during the tour. Cool boxes for the drinks are available for each boat.


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