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"RACING RACING RACING!!! Faster than the police allow. Experience 300 hp from a V8 engine! "

7.2 m

For true adventures.Smart, safe and robust.No holding back. 



With the XO DEFENDER military boat made of aluminum you are faster than the police allow! Experience how 300 hp from a V8 engine with sports exhaust system catapults you over the waves!


This is a XO Boat DFNDR Series


Off to the unknown, into the next adventures – whatever they may be this time. When you’re in a class of your own, there are simply no limits. Whatever your purpose for boating may be, the XO DFNDR is ready to go.

The letter combination "XO" stands for "extraordinary" - and you have to test it. 

With five friends, you'll find plenty of space to experience water fun on the coasts of Mallorca, enjoy a few cool drinks in a bay or simply relax. Experience the fun of sailing with the XO DFNDR and book your boat with KIWI Mallorca right here. 

Charter Authorisation Number: 6a-260-48-20

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